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Droom Tapes

DROOM TAPES was written on a classical guitar by Austin Owen in rural Paraguay. All songs were recorded in collaboration with Wally Boudway (of Slow Moses) on a Tascam 388 reel-to-reel tape machine in the central lodge house of Rancho Linda Vista, an artist community in Oracle, AZ. Surrounded by original artwork from long-time ranch residents Jim Davis, Andy Rush, Peggy Doogan and Bruce McGrew (among others), the recordings were hashed out with musical contributions from Andy Hiller (ALHHLA), Jordan Owen (Nanami Ozone) and Anita Diaz Sacco (EEEKS). The sessions that resulted in DROOM TAPES gave birth to Drooom Studio, where Owen, Boudway and Hiller continue to record and collaborate with various artists.



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1955 W Linda Vista Rd. Oracle, AZ 85623


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